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Discover the natural beauty of Taiwan by walking through revered Yangmingshan National Park and then enjoy the relaxing hot springs at a coastal resort.

Drive inland to Yangmingshan National Park, an emerald-green wonderland of dense forests, volcanically formed mountains and natural hot springs. Unspoiled and protected, it offers a welcome respite from the metropolitan areas nearby. Formerly known as Grass Mountain, this area has long attracted nature lovers, but it wasn't until 1985 that the park was officially established. You’ll spend approximately 1 ½ hours at the park, and depending on where you walk, you may see towering bamboo, fruit trees in bloom, placid ponds and steam rising from the numerous volcanic springs. You may also catch sight of or hear the loud cackle of a Formosan Blue Magpie, a species of bird only found on Taiwan.

Make your way to a local restaurant where you can enjoy a traditional Taiwanese lunch before driving on to the Cal La Young Garden Resort in the Jinshan District. There are more hot springs here than in any other coastal district in Taiwan, and you'll have nearly two hours to enjoy the therapeutic effects of the mineral-rich waters. It's an immensely relaxing experience that has been delighting the Taiwanese for centuries. While you soak in one of the springs at the resort, afternoon tea will be prepared for your enjoyment.

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Note: Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit for bathing in the hot springs. The hot springs are not recommended for those with high blood pressure, heart conditions or other serious ailments as the high temperature of the water may aggravate their condition.

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Los tours de este nivel requieren una considerable actividad física, como largas caminatas por calles de adoquines o terrenos pronunciados o irregulares, subir escaleras o pasar mucho tiempo de pie. No recomendado para personas con limitaciones físicas. Se recomienda usar calzado cómodo y resistente.
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